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Appeal to all : Google form template

Please be very careful not to directly modify the “form”. To copy the form, : top of the form, far right, click the three buttons vertically aligned -> select “Create a copy”.  Copy of the form template Here is the Google form template that may be used for appeals to all. Basic fields are: first name, last name,Lire la suite

Appeals to all : template for compilation in a text document

To make the integration of your compilations on the website more efficient, I would like to receive them in the following format:Lire la suite

Adobe Connect Online Platform for Collaborative Work

Adobe Connect is a Web conferencing software (videoconference ). This platform is used for all team meetings and for technopedagogical activities offered online. The three following reference guides show directions specific to each role. The aide-mémoire is for use by all participants. Adobe Connect : Reference Guides pour le présentateur (in French) pour l’hôte  (in French) pourLire la suite