Freeware or Free Software in Colleges

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In the world of education, a multitude of software and applications are available free of charge, from free, public or non-proprietary domains. In agreement with the Association pour le développement technologique en éducation ADTE (the Association for Technological Development in Education), the Freeware team is working to promote freeware, or free software, to colleges, associations and organizations by providing (among other things) access to a database and a slideshow on the added value using these resources.

This collaboration also results by accessing, through the Webspace hosted at Profweb, to freeware or free software according to the ICT Profile for College Students skills. This great indexation work is done by the ADTE. The ADTE and the Réseau REPTIC / IT Rep Network also plan to offer an argumentation that presents the benefits and drawbacks of appealing to freeware in teaching and learning.

Freeware or free software database for the College network 

The Freeware or Free Software Database for the College Network gives access to freeware, or free software, for use in pedagogical contexts for the college network. One can find freeware, or free software, according to the discipline, program or college.

Added value associated with freeware for college education (in French)

More than a trend, the world of freeware is based on values similar to those found in the college network. That is what this slideshow, produced by Martin Bérubé (La Pocatière), presents.

Orientations and current policies in the College network on freeware, or free software (in French)